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After downloading and installing the app, complete your profile, add your clinic(s) and your clinic sessions, set-up appointment system, send invite to your staff/receptionist and create one or more patient groups as per your need (For example – A pediatrician can create groups like 2016, 2015, 2014 etc. and add patients born in that year to the corresponding group. A gynecologist/obstetrician can create groups like 1st trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester).

After creating a group, give the automatically generated group code to the respective patients/guardians through your staff. You can display it in your reception area. Also, you can send SMS to the mobile numbers of your patients informing them about the App and your groups in the App. The patients/guardians will then download the App and get connected to you by adding the group code.

Download the flyer or notice (English, Hindi, and Marathi) giving information about the App to the patients or guardians from below.

You can send messages, notifications and photos/images to all patients in all groups or to all patients in one particular group or to an individual patient.

You can view appointment messages replied to by your staff in the App Dashboard.

You can ask your patients to add group code given by you (you can find it in the view groups section) for connecting them with staff.



After downloading and installing the App, the staff needs to register and log in and then connect with the doctor by accepting the invite. Staff can only reply to the patient’s appointment related messages.



The patient or the guardian has to enter the code given by his/her doctor to get connected with the doctor and his/her staff.

After entering the appointment code given by the doctor, the patient/guardian can send the appointment seeking message to his/her staff.

A patient can also send messages to the doctor, only if allowed by the doctor.

A patient may receive regular updates regarding important health information from the doctor (for example: if there is a flu epidemic or increased number of cases of a particular infectious disease in your area, then the doctor may decide to send you preventive health information).


med-mantra-md-manager-app-clinic-doctor-flyer med-mantra-md-manager-app-clinic-doctor-flyer-hindi med-mantra-md-manager-app-clinic-doctor-flyer-hindi-simple med-mantra-md-manager-app-clinic-doctor-flyer-marathi-simple med-mantra-md-manager-app-clinic-doctor-flyer-simple

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