About MDManager


You can use this app to:

  1. Send notifications, messages, photos/images (including x-rays), prescriptions, reports etc. to your registered patients. Keep patient records/clinical details in your mobile – available anytime and anywhere. Stay connected with your patients by regularly sending them preventive health information, offers, discounts, free camps etc.

  2. Receive messages from registered patients (only if you allow). You can allow your patients to send messages, feedback, previous prescriptions, reports, photos/images (including x-rays) etc.

  3. Schedule patient appointments manually without disturbing yourself and without any chaos of the phone calls! It will be done by your staff on her/his mobile phone. You just have to ask your staff to download the app in her/his mobile and enter the code given by you. It’s very simple!

The most important thing of note is that all this is 100% free of cost to you and your patients. No messaging costs. Only internet data will be used.

Your mobile number is not revealed to anyone giving you complete safety.


You can use this app to:

  1. Receive messages, notifications, photos/images (including x-rays), prescriptions, reports etc. from your doctor.

  2. Communicate with your doctor and his/her staff.

  3. Schedule a doctor’s appointment.

It’s 100% free of cost to you. No messaging charges. Only internet data will be used.

Your mobile number is not revealed to anyone (except the doctor and staff) giving you complete safety.



A state of the art appointment management system has been integrated into the App. It has multiple options to suit your needs. You can select from a Time-based or a Token-based system and a Manual or an Automatic system. Doctor’s staff or the Doctor himself/herself can easily manage this system on a smartphone. It sends SMS and/or App Notification reminders at preset time intervals before the actual appointment time. It has the ability to prepone or postpone the appointment time depending on the actual patient load.

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