MDManager – Help and How to

HELP & HOW TO? FOR DOCTORS: After downloading and installing the app, complete your profile, add your clinic(s) and your clinic sessions, set-up appointment system, send invite to your staff/receptionist and create one or more patient groups as per your need (For example – A pediatrician can create groups like 2016, 2015, 2014 etc. and add patients born in that …

About MDManager

FOR DOCTORS: You can use this app to: Send notifications, messages, photos/images (including x-rays), prescriptions, reports etc. to your registered patients. Keep patient records/clinical details in your mobile – available anytime and anywhere. Stay connected with your patients by regularly sending them preventive health information, offers, discounts, free camps etc. Receive messages from registered patients (only if you allow). You can …

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MDManager – Planned Upgrades and Features

PLANNED UPGRADES AND FEATURES   TOUCH AND TEMPLATE FRIENDLY ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS (EMR): A full-featured EMR for securely and permanently keeping patient records will be integrated into the App soon.   PATIENT PORTAL TO KEEP PATIENT RECORDS: Keep all your medical records since birth securely on your mobile. Available anytime and anywhere.